New Fires Light Up Landscapes | Sep 29 2017

Post Summary | New wildfires today are lighting up the landscapes in California on this Friday, September 29, 2017, and with others still burning in full force.  Here is our recap.


The Buck Fire is burning on the Shasta – Trinity National Forest, about 11 miles SW of Platina.  Fire fuels include timber, brush and short grass.  Fire behavior continues to be moderate with backing, flanking and single-tree torching.  There has been 7,700 acres scorched and a 30% containment status has been reached.  There ate 448 personnel assigned along with 11 crews, 22 engines and three helicopters.  Cost-to-date have reached $4,100,000.

CA – KNF – 006098 COMPLEX

This complex consists of three fires on the Klamath National Forest.  Command is staffed by an IMT 2 unit.  Fire behavior is minimal  with backing, creeping and smoldering. There have been 78,698 acres and crews have reached a 51% containment status.  Resources include 318 personnel with five crews, 11 engines and two helicopters.  Currently, cost-to-date has reached a whopping $44,500,00.


The Canyon Fire started on September 25, 2017, around 1302 hours PDT.  The fire is located about five miles SW of Corona and on EB 91 Freeway at Coal Canyon Road/Gypsum Canyon in the City of Anaheim in Orange County.  There have been 2,662 acres.  Four residential structures, one commercial use building and one other minor has been damaged for a total of six.  Fire crews have reached an 85% containment status.  Command is in an Unified Command structure with OCFA, CALFIRE, Corona and Anaheim FDs and the US Forest Service.  There are still 925 firefighters staffing this incident along with 2 CALFIRE, 132 CA-CDF, 72 Private, 66 C&L, 18 Forest Service and 4 OES Support personnel along with 10 CA-CDF, 3 C&L and 2 Forest Service hand crews.  There are 35 CA-CDF, 10 C&L, 15 Forest Service, Five OES and one DOD engines. Incident Cooperators include the CDCR, CCC, CAL OES, Orange Co. Parks, Riverside Co. EMD, CAL State Parks, Southern CA Edison and Sempra Energy.  Cost-to-date have reached $9,716,260.


The Creek Fire is located on Clear Lake on the Mi-Wok Ranger District that started by lightning on September 3rd around 1922 hours PDT.  Acreage destroyed have reached 1,335 acres but a 63% containment status has been reached.  There are two Forest Service Type 2 hand crews and one engines with five overhead personnel staffing this incident.  Cost-to-date have reached $433,900.


The Empire fire started on August 1, 2017 around 0846 PDT.  It is located about one mile east of Badger Pass Ski area, directly adjacent to Bridalveil creek Campground.  Command is a Type 3 IC.  The fire has burned up 6,340 acres but there has been an 85% containment status. There is one National Park engine assigned along with eight personnel.  Cost-to-date have reached $1,276,363.


The Lakeland Fire started from a structure fire in the small community of Bodfish located west of the town of Lake Isabella.  Resources were prompted firefighters from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Forest Service and Kern County FD today around 1545 hours.  In less than two hours, the fire had grown to 50-60 acres as the winds began to pick up causing the flames to be wind-driven and creating spotting issues. Fire resources included multiple numbers of air tankers, helicopters to respond to the fast-rate of spread (ROS) fire that was now having some spotting issues. Ground resources would also be deployed to the fire scene.  Incident Command is in Unified Command with the Forest Service, BLM and Kern County.  There are currently 200 personnel on this fire.


The Lakewood Fire is burning on Todd Court and Brick Drive, East of Lake Isabella.  It has been contained to 50 acres with a 10% containment status.


The Lion Fire was discovered in the Golden Trout Wilderness near the Lion Meadow.  There has been about 600 acres burned on private land and on public land in this remote wilderness area inside the Sequoia National Forest.  There is a 0% containment status.   There is about 50 personnel assigned to this incident

Picture taken September 26, 2017

(Photo Credit: Inciweb)


In Riverside County, the Melba Fire is burning on Hwy 74 and Melba Avenue in the Homeland community.  Fire crews have stopped the forward progression of the fire at 35 acres.  The fire was reported today around 1801 hours. There are 85 firefighters, one helicopter, 12 engine companies, 4 overhead personnel, two air tankers, two fire crews, one water tender and two bulldozers. Fire Agencies  CALFIRE and Riverside County FD.


(Credit: SBC Fire Info)

The Rucker Fire is burning in Santa Barbara County on Rucker Road and Purisima Road, about two miles NE of Lompoc.  The fire has scorched 600 acres but fire crews have successfully reached a preliminary 10% containment status.  As of 2000 hours, all evacuation orders had been lifted.  Some roads were being closed to protect firefighters and as safety precautions.







Rehab on Whiskey Butte

(Photo Credit: Inciweb)

The Salmon August Complex includes several wildfires.  This fire started August 13, 2017.  Total size is 65,875 acres with an 83% containment status.  There are 191 personnel assigned.

Wallow Fire 65,323 acres with an 83% containment.  Fire still being monitored and the fire perimeter is being repaired.  Mopping up areas of concern are priority.

Deep Fire:  Approximately 217 acres with a 95% containment status.  This fire perimeter is monitored and mopping up areas.

The following fires have been 100% contained.  They are currently showing as being not staffed but being monitored.

Fourth Fire:  .25 acre.

Claire Fire.  .10 acre.

Mary Fire.  91 acres.

Rush Fire.   3 acres.

Grizzy Fire.  266 acres.

Garden Fire.  266 acres.

Bingham Fire.  .13 acres.

Blaine Fire.  1 acre.


The Soda Fire is burning in Butte County on Humboldt Road and Soda Springs Road, about 14 miles ME of Forest Ranch.  The fire has burned 143 acres and containment has reached up to 40%.  There are no structures currently being threatened.  Resources include 456 personnel attached along with 11 crews, 24 engines and four helicopters.  Cost-to-date total $200,000.


The South Fork Fire started on August 13, 2017 around 1428 hours PDT from an unknown cause that is under investigation.  There has been 6,970 acres burned but an 85% containment status has been reached. There are seven personnel which include one engine and three National Park overhead support members.  A Type 3 Team remains in position.   Fire behavior is smoldering and being allowed to spread to the East to where there are minimal values at risk and protect firefighters. Two spot fires were discovered south of the South Fork Merced River were put out.  Future fire activities include monitoring.  There is one National Park engine and three Overhead support personnel.  Cost-to-date has reached $8,604,455.


The Summit Complex includes the Bummers, McCormick, Willow and Douglas Fires.  This fire started on August 29, 2017 around 0923 PDT from an undetermined cause that is under investigation.  These fires are located in Fence Creek and Clarks Fork which is South of Douglas Day use area and Hwy 108. There are two Type 2 Forest Service hand crews and two engines.

Bummers Fire.  Fire is said to have an enough time to dry out since the last rain fell over the fire ground.  Behavior is beginning to back and flank with short-range spotting into heavy dead and down debris.

McCormick, Willow, Douglas Fires.   No movement for the last 10 days.

WHITTIER FIRE.  Fire started on July 8, 2017 around 1343 PDT.  This fire has destroyed 18,430 acres and has reached a containment of 87%.  It is burning about 12 miles NW of the community of Goleta, near Cachuma Lake.  The cause is unknown and under investigation.  105 miles of suppression repair has been completed.  At 1800 hours, Command transitioned from a Type 3 ICT to a Type 4 ICT.  Crews will continue to mop-up, patrol and improve existing line.

(c) 2017 The CA Fire Report




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