#AtlasFire | Update 1 | 10/9/2017

UPDATE 1 – 10/9/2017 


The Atlas Fire started on October 8, 2017, at 2120 hours PDT.  It is located off of Atlas Peak Road and south of Lake Berryessa, while burning to the NE of the city of Napa.  It has become a firestorm eating up everything in its path without regard to any life, property or livelihoods.

Firefighters are fighting multiple ongoing wildfires in Napa, Medocinco, Sonoma, Lake, Butte and Yuba Counties topping at a preliminary total of 80,000 acres. – Social Media


A resource order for 10 Strike Teams of Engines of any type, 5 Golf Strike teams and 10 Lima Strike teams were request on October 8, 2017, around 1114 hours.


Currently, the fire has scorched 25,000 acres and has a 0% containment status.  A cause unknown at this time.

Two fatalities were reported.  Their actual injuries were unknown at the time of this post. – CAL FIRE PIO


At this time, mass evacuations orders are in effect for the following areas.  Due to so many and with the info changing all the time, check out the Napa County Sheriff’s Office Evacuation Advisories & Orders –> https://local.nixle.com/napa-county-sheriffs-office/

Fire Officials are saying these California wildfires are the worst they have seen. The Fire Season is definitely not over by a long shot. – Social Media



(Info gleaned from various sources through Social Media)


Signorello Estates Winery – reported as destroyed.

Stags Leap Winery – established in 1893 has been destroyed.

Wineries established back in the 1880’s are burning up in the 2017’s. – Social Media



Atlas Peak

“Fire has burned all the way down to Silverado Trail from Atlas Peak Road.  Significant structure loss.  Evacuations in effect.”

“Multiple structures are involved.”


“Beckworth is safe but without power, phones, internet and no cell service.  Some are using Facebook messenger phone call to communicate with family.”  (10/9/2017 1627 hours)

Cell Phone Towers

“Someone heard there were 14 cell phone towers that had burned causing a blackout in the areas.” (10/9/2017 1627 hours)

Monticello Park

“Everyone is okay in Monticello Park.  Under an advisory evacuation.” (10/9/2017 1525 hours)


“GGD Air Ops had 41 rescues today due to the fire.  Says more to come if people do not head evacuation warnings!” (10/9/2017 0836 hours)

Silverado Areas

“Multiple structures burned in the area of Silverado Resort.”

A Scanner feed reported fire in the “5000 and 5500 blocks of Silverado Trail.”

High winds reported.

The Valley

“Calistoga fire is not headed our way, but power is out in the entire valley.” (10/9/2017 1521 hours)


“I’m a the Vets home in Yountville. Fire is on the other side of the valley, a couple of miles away. Winds were up to 80 mph early this morning. Lots of vineyards between the fire and Yountville, so we’re really safe.” (10/9/2017 1521 hours)

We are thinking of all of our friends, family, readership, First Responders and everyone else in between who are being impacted by these wildfires.  You are in our Thoughts and Prayers. – Editor

(c) 2017 The CA Fire Report






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2 Responses to #AtlasFire | Update 1 | 10/9/2017

  1. Lizbeth Carson says:

    My 98 year old father is at the Veterans Home. The care givers are doing double shifts. I am three hiurs away and have been told not to travel on the roads to pick up my Dad. I feel helpless. I am grateful others are watching out for my Dad and the other Vets.


    • Hi Lizbeth. We are so sorry to hear that you are far away from your Father and empathize with you as we have many friends there too. We are keeping you and your Father in our Thoughts and Prayers.


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