#LynchFire | Update 1

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY – The Lynch Fire is located on Lynch Canyon Road near Interlake Road, located north of Lake Nacimiento.  It is made up of three roadside fires that are about one-half mile apart.  The largest fire was about 4-5 acres and all in grass, says Air Attack around 1235 hours on Friday, October 13, 2017.

Currently, the largest fire has reached 50 acres with a 0 % containment status.  Status of the other two fires are unknown.

The lead agency is CAL Fire – San Luis Obispo.

More to come as details of this fire incident is released.

(c) 2017 The CA Fire Report

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One Response to #LynchFire | Update 1

  1. Jim Rankin says:

    My second CDF assignment as Forest Fire Truck Driver, a term from way back, was at the Las Tablas aeration in 1960. I know the train you are working in….so becareful and come home safe!


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