Firefighters Mobilize for Santa Ana Winds

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – It is that time again this year for the annual approaching Santa Ana winds in this part of the State and CAL FIRE crews are beginning to stage their fire resources into position.  After the State’s deadliest and most costliest wildfires in all of their history, they are working to quickly put any future potential fire starts that may kick up and spread into firestorms before they occur.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued several Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches across the State starting this weekend and moving into the early part of next week.  Expected gusty winds, low humidity and high temps make conditions ripe for another major fire which they are working to be pro-active instead of reactive.

Various fire apparatus with crews start to mobilize for the approaching Santa Ana winds. (Photo Credit: CAL FIRE)

CAL FIRE is currently fully staffed with additional firefighters from the local area to mutual aid from across the state, as well from outside.  There are even some from Australia.

The Red Flag Warnings and weather alerts are for those in the Santa Barbara and across to San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.  Fire Officials warn against outside burning which can easily turn into an escaped small fire into a huge wildfire.

We encourage you to always be prepared for the Evacuation Orders:

Prepping for an Evacuation – Department of Natural Resources or DNR recommends the “4 P’s” of Evacuations:

  • Papers- These are important personal documents such as home ownership, insurance, birth records, wills, credit cards, cash, etc.
  • Prescriptions- Take all the medications you will need for several days to weeks to follow, any medical/dental/vision records and the names/phones of your family’s doctors.
  • Pictures- It is hard to replace those once-in-a-lifetime photos taken days, weeks, years past in albums, videos, in a special place or saved on your computer’s hard-drive.
  • Pets- Yes, this should be part of your evacuation plan because just like them, they are vital members of our families.  Include food, water, any medications, leash and a crate.  Yes, these pups can get frightened too.

Before you Leave (if you can safely do these steps):

  • If you have gas, (if you know where it is) turn off your gas at the main exterior shut off.
  • Leave power and outside lights on
  • Close all windows and shutters – remove flammable curtains
  • Remove flammable deck furniture
  • Turn on your garden hoses w/sprinklers attached (if you have time), turn on sprinklers (idea is to saturate the area around the house)

When Leaving Your Home:

  • Drive with your headlights on your vehicle
  • Watch out for downed power lines (do not get out of your vehicle or approach them. Always treat them as live wires!)
  • Watch out for downed trees
  • Watch your speed when driving and be careful/aware of other approaching drivers

You can find more tips and information on Twitter by reviewing our #PrepareNOW hashtag.  The hashtags we are using for this post are the following:

  • #CaliforniaWildfires
  • #SantaAnaWinds

We thank all of those who are part of CAL FIRE, with various fire agencies, contractors, outside mutual aid and organizations that supported these resources before, during and after the wildfires.  We appreciate all of your tireless efforts, unwavering support and compassion for each other and those whom you serve.

(c) 2017  The CA Fire Report – Updated @ 0012 10/21/2017

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