LNU Complexes | Damage Assessment

Sonoma/Lake/Napa Counties | Two major LNU complex fires are now coming to a halt but their damage is still ripping through wine country and those who have been touched by the fires’ devastation left behind.

Here is our recap of these wildfires.

CENTRAL LNU COMPLEX is located about one mile north of Santa Rosa that includes the Nuns, Adobe, Norrbom, Pressley, Partrick, Oakmont and later added Tubbs and Pocket Fires located in the Counties of Napa and Solano.  A cause is still unknown but Fire Officials are actively investigating.

Fire Status | Conditions continue to improve as crews are now in mop-up operations, while others are in a patrol / monitoring status.

Containment Status | Fires were originally reported on October 8, 2017 and have collectively burned 110,720 acres and now has been contained to 97%.  Though it will eventually reach a 100% containment, it will not necessarily mean all fire has been extinguished.

Resources | Currently, there are 270 personnel still assigned to this incident along with 10 engines, three bulldozers, two helicopters, eight fire crews, three overhead personnel and zero other equipment or resources.

Command was transferred from the CAL FIRE IMT Team 1 back over to the local unit that occurred on Friday.

Damage Assessment | The fire ripped through communities destroying lives and properties and everything else in between.  Approximately, 7,010 structures were destroyed, while 486 were damaged.

The Central LNU Complex fires endured a total of $101 Million dollars worth of cost-to-date damages.

SOUTHERN LNU COMPLEX included the Atlas Fire located in the Napa and Sonoma Counties.  The Atlas fire located off of Atlas Peak Rd is just south of Lake Berryessa ignited on October 8, 2017 around 2152 hours PDT.  This fire alone destroyed 51,624 acres but has now been 100% contained as of October 27’s update around 1947 hours PDT.

Resources | The fire left a path of destruction of destroying up to 481 structures and damaging 90 additionally.  Those who cooperated with those assigned to this incident were CHP, Napa County OES, Sonoma County OES, Solano County OES, CA State Parks, PG & E and CDCR.

Crews remaining are currently in mop-up ops and conducting tactical patrolling throughout the fire areas.

Damage Assessment | The damage assessment is not as high as the central LNU Complex but it comes in second with a whopping $48 Million dollars costs-to-date.

SOCIAL MEDIA | We are using the following hashtags for this wildfire as:  #CaliforniaWildfires #CentralLNUComplex #SonomaLakeNapaFire


(c) 2017 The CA Fire Report – 0100 Hours PDT

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